GreasePak and FOGs Management

GreasePak and FOGs Management

FOGs Stands for Fats,Oils and Grease. FOG management is becoming an increasingly important part of the foodservice industry. Water UK, the organisation which represents the UK’s water and wastewater utilities, reports that there are approximately 366,000 sewer blockages throughout the UK every year, with up to 70% caused by FOG and other material. You are responsible for the waste you are discharging into the sewer and could consequently be fined because of a blockage if you do not have a suitable management system in place.

Greasepak is a great system that can easily be retrofitted to any kitchen, it’s a flexible system that can either be powered by mains or battery. Easy to setup and maintain and is BBA approved. In conjunction with this Mechline have just launched the new Bioceptor to further reduce FOG ouput.

BioCeptor is a combined technology approach to drain maintenance. The advanced drain maintenance system includes Mechline’s unique proven GreasePaK Biological treatment solution with the a new interception and retention chamber designed to maximise the retention and management of fats, oils and grease (FOG) onsite.

The Mechline BioCeptor is a combined system designed to retain and breakdown Fats, Oils and Grease (FOGs) to prevent them from entering the drainage system.

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